Co-organizer of art platform POUBELLE United.

The last exhibition was in the ArtChapel in Amsterdam.

P O U B E L L E  "The Beauty of Waste Material" 

The dustbin, packaging, rubbish from the street. Many artists prefer to use leftover stuff to create their artworks from. They choose these discarded materials for a variety of reasons. It may be that they see something in them that triggers them. The material is not a blank canvas, but has a history and therefore meaning, it has an autonomous quality. Not buying new materials can also be an act of resistance, a protest against the waste of fine basic materials and against the extreme amounts of money involved in the art trade.

Whatever the artist's motivation, he or she is in good company: many Fluxus, Zero and Arte Povera artists preceded them. The latter preferably made work that was destroyed after the exhibition. 

P O U B E L L E exhibitions are curated by Mirjam Berloth and Lisbeth Parisius

Instagram: @poubelle_united

Photo and youtubefilm by Mirjam Berloth